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Anhui Construction Engineering Group Co., Ltd. (ACEG) has been qualified not only as one the Top 500 China’s Enterprises, but also Top 250 ENR’s International Contractors and its main businesses are engineering construction, investment, industrial chain finance and real estate, and possesses five top grade qualifications as a general construction contractor in sectors of building and road construction, municipal infrastructure engineering and so on and possesses franchises to contract projects and provide labor services abroad and to implement Chinese foreign aid turn-key projects of construction tasks and in addition, ACEG has more than 140 professional qualifications for different kinds of projects, including 74 first-class qualifications. ACEG operates 20 subsidiary and branch firms and 1 public institution and 1 postdoctoral research station. Among which, Anhui Hydro is the first listed company (stock code: 600502) ......

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